8 Underrated Korean Dramas Worth Watching


8 Underrated Korean dramas 2020 worth watching: 2020 has been a pretty difficult year. But that’s not the case in the world of Korean drama 2020. Since we are all being socially responsible and staying home Korean drama 2020 serves as a momentary escape that keeps us entertained.

Considering everyone has a preference for actors, genre, and storyline it can be difficult to determine exactly which Korean drama 2020 should be categorized as the best of Korean drama 2020.

But great acting a well-written storyline and high production value are always winning combinations. from romantic comedies to series that explore psychological trauma, here are some of the best Korean drama 2020. 

The School Nurse Files

Underrated Korean Dramas 2020 worth watching: 1

8 Underrated Korean Dramas Worth Watching

This drama is about a school nurse who also happens to be an exorcist. Ooh that’s a spooky side job, isn’t it? Ahn Eun-young (Jung Yoo-mi) has the ability to see ghosts. But also the skill set to eradicate them. Her weapon of choice is a toy knife and BB gun. With all the mysterious occurrences taking place, Eun-young definitely tries to be good at what she does. With the assistance of teacher Hong In-pyo (Nam Joo-hyuk), these ghosts better watch themselves.

The drama based on the 2015 award-winning novel ‘School Nurse Ahn Eun-young’ by Chung Se-rang. The author was also in charge of adapting the script for Netflix. The six-part series was produced by the Oh Boy project. The company behind dramas such as Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and Flower Boy Next Door.

  • Episodes – 6
  • Network – Netflix
  • Main Cast – Jung Yoo-mi, Nam Joo-hyuk
  • Genre – Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Medical, Fantasy

My Unfamilliar Family

Underrated Korean Dramas 2020 worth watching: 2

8 Underrated Korean Dramas Worth Watching

Kim Eun-hee is about to put to the test if blood is really thicker than water. In this telling drama where a family has drifted apart. The strength of their relationships is not as strong as it once was. There is a father who is distant, a brother with a sensitive soul, and an older sister who was a former patent attorney. The mother is ready to begin a new chapter in her life. While Kim Eun pines for intimacy, she keeps feelings hidden from her family.

Instead, she prefers to confined to her close male college friend Park Chan-hyuk. A man who has become more like a brother to her than any of her real siblings. She turns to him to ask for love advice as she looks to return to the dating scene after a long absence. But what happens when events could possibly take a bad turn? Could the family pull together in time to weather the storm? When things get tough will it be Kim Eun’s family or her friends who step up to the plate?

Han Ye-ri who plays Kim Eun-hee is an outstanding actress. She starred in dramas such as Sic Flying Dragons and Age of Youth. Kim Ji-sook plays the college friend’s role. He recently appeared in the KBS 2 TV drama ‘When The Camellia Blooms’.

  • Episodes -16
  • Network – TVN
  • Main Cast – Han Ye-ri, Choo Ja-hyun, Shin Jae-ha, Kim Ji-suk, Jung Jin-young, Won Mi-kyung
  • Genre – Drama, Family

Sweet Home

Underrated Korean Dramas 2020 worth watching: 3

8 Underrated Korean Dramas Worth Watching

Based on the popular thriller webtoon of the same name, this drama follows the story of a high school student who is absolutely traumatized from the school bullying so much. He never leaves his room. He loses his family and moves to a new apartment where mysterious things happen to him. Despite it all, he tries to save those who have been changed and corrupted by their greed. In doing so, this begins to change his own pessimistic views of society.

Sweet home was recreated into a Netflix Original. As mentioned it is based on the ongoing webtoon of the same name by Kim Kan-bi and Hwang Young-chan. Korean dramas 2020 worth watching is  adapted by studio Dragon and Studio N.

  • Episode – 16
  • Network – Netflix
  • Main Cast – Song Kang, Lee Ji-wook, Lee Shi-young, Lee Do-hyun
  • Genre – Suspense, Thriller, Mystery

Go Doo Ri's Sushi Restaurant

Underrated Korean Dramas 2020 worth watching: 4

This sounds like it is going to serve up something awesome. This is a web drama series. Ga Doo-ri is well known for her refreshing dating advice. But a sweet and fierce romance brews up between her and her mysterious next-door neighbor, Cha Woo-bin, who is known for his cool indifferences and a stubborn streak.

That was an uncommon male lead role for a Korean drama. That combo will be one of your favorites. Make sure to add this to your watch list in 2021 and see how things cook up. The series stars Lee Joo-bin and Vixx’s Hyuk. Even just have one episode Go Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant is a Korean dramas 2020 worth watching.

  • Episodes – 1
  • Genre – Romance

Backstreet Rookie

Underrated Korean Dramas 2020 worth watching: 5

8 Underrated Korean Dramas Worth Watching

Based on another popular webtoon of the same name. The original webtoon recorded over 5 million views and over 40 million subscriptions. Choi Dae-hyun runs into a group of female high school students, including Jung Saet-byeol. This crew smells like trouble. Jung Saet-byeol asks Choi Dae-hyun to buy cigarettes from a convenience store. He agrees and ends up buying cigarettes for them. Jung Saet-byeol gets his cell number but he never hears from her. 

Four years later, now at 33 years old, Choi Dae-hyun runs a small convenience store after quitting his company job. While looking for a part-timer for the night shift, Jung Saet-byeol comes into a store. She gets the job as she starts to work there. Since Jung Saet-byeol join sells are increasing. The good thing is she is no longer a troublemaker, but a university student that is guided by her strong morals.

Jung Saet-byeol’s arrogant behavior causes a lot of trouble to Choi Dae-hyun. At the same time, she guided fragile Choi Dae-hyun toward his life goals who had gone through a broken relationship with his ex-girlfriend. In return, she received kindness from good Choi Dae-hyun. Finally, they ended up the sweet romance between two matching counterparts.

Episodes – 16

Network – SBS

Main cast – Ji Chang-wook, Kim Yoo-jung, Do Sang-woo, Han Sun-hwa and Sol Bin

Genre – Action, Comedy, Romance

To All The Guys Who Loved Me

Underrated Korean Dramas 2020 worth watching: 6

8 Underrated Korean Dramas Worth Watching

Seo Hyun-joo is the leader of the comic planning team. She gave up on romance after her bitter experince of her first affair. She plans to remain single and enjoyed her life much as possible. But she ends proceeding two, not one. One of them is Hwang Ji-woo a CEO of a pharmaceutical company. He had a cold personality and excellent business abilities. He is interested in her.

His competitor Park Do-gyeom is a popular webcomic writer. He works with Seo Hyun-joo and already in the friend zone. He had a long-time crush on the female lead, Seo Hyun-joo.  This sound like all kind of love triangle.

  • Directed by – Choi Yoon-suk
  • Written by – Lee Eun-young
  • Episodes – 32
  • Network – KBS 2 
  • Main cast – Yoon Hyun-min, Hwang Jung-eum, Seo Ji-hoon and Jo Woo-ri
  • Genre – Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy 

Pop Out Boy

Underrated Korean Dramas 2020 worth watching: 7

8 Underrated Korean Dramas Worth Watching

As the title shows a boy and a girl straight out of a cartoon. It is based on a webtoon. The girl and the boy coming out of the manga, the little bit of chaos and whirlwind romance that occurs when Chun Nam-wook the male protagonist of a long-running manhwa, also known as a Korean comic steps into the real world. There he crosses paths with high school student Han Sun-nyeo.

She happens to share the same face and name as the female protagonist of Cha Nam-wook’s manhwa. Surely, we can all take that imaginative guess of how this is gonna go. But to find out more add it to your watchlist. The webtoon started back in September 2019 and is still running. It is rank with ranked with an incredible score of 10 out of 10.

  • Episodes – 1
  • Network – Vlive
  • Cast – Kim Do-yeon, Kim Min Kyu
  • Genre – Friendship, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Chip In

Underrated Korean Dramas 2020 worth watching: 8

8 Underrated Korean Dramas Worth Watching

This mysterious tracking drama is an intellectual battle over tens of billions of property assets of famous artists. Bit Na is the artist’s daughter who struggles the reveal the truth of inheritance. But one can always guarantee whenever there is a fight for money and suddenly inheritance of asset drama is most definitely worth watching. Kim Hye-jun takes on the role of Bit Na. The Actress was recently famous through her role in ‘Kingdom 2’ 

  • Episodes – 8
  • Network – MBC
  • Main cast – Kim Hye-joon, Oh Na-ra
  • Genre – Mystery, Drama 
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