Secrets of Park Shin-hye | 20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Gorgeous Korean Actress

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye is a well-known Korean actress and one of the most talented artists in South Korea. She has played good roles in many works with charming big eyes and an innocent image without controversy over her humanity.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Things you didn't know about Park Shin-hye

Having been in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years, Her real life was more like an angel than any drama or movie. Since her debut, she has been consistently volunteering and donating for about 20 years. She is like an angel both in acting and in her daily life. But she transforms very daringly at the award ceremonies. She kick-started her career as a child actress when she debuted in the 2003 hit drama Stairway to Heaven.

Her very first agency was ‘Drama Factory‘ where she was trained in almost every facet of the entertainment business including acting, singing, dancing, and playing instruments like the keyboard and guitar. She is a highly sought-after endorser.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye


She was born on February 18, 1990, in Gwangju, Jeollanam-do. The youngest of one son and daughter. She graduated from Chung-Ang University‘s department of theatre and film after graduating from Youngpa Girls’ High School. Park Shin-hye received a service award at the convocation ceremony for her achievement as an artist ambassador for the university. She made her acting debut in 2003 with a music video for singer Lee Seung-hwan. She is famous for her inverted body and She is 168 cm tall. Her blood group type is A and she’s left-handed. 

Park Shin-hye gained recognition for starring in the melodrama Stairway to Heaven as she played the younger version of Choi Ji-woo’s character in that popular Korean drama in 2003. Thereafter she received several supporting roles in various Kdramas.  Most notably as a rebellious teenager in the drama special Very Merry Christmas in 2004.

Park Shin-hye has cast her first adult leading role in the South Korean-Japanese melodrama Tree of Heaven (2006), where she received praise from critics for her performance. The series was also aired in Japan, thus giving Park Shin-hye more exposure abroad. She made her film debut in the movie Evil Twin (2007), a summer horror flick where she portrayed two roles: one as the main character, and the other as the ghost of the main character’s sister, who haunts the other sister after her death.

Aside from acting, Park also hosted the variety program, Fantastic Partner, from 2006 to 2007, for which she was awarded Best Newcomer in a Variety Show at the MBC Entertainment Awards. Consider one of the most prolific actresses of her age, Park Shin-hye received further recognition for her roles in the Korean dramas; You Are Beautiful, The Heirs, Pinnochio, Doctors, and Memories Of The Alhambra. Also, Park Shin-hye was rewarded with many awards. Park Shin-hye was also featured in the comedy-drama film, Miracle In The Cell Number 7, which became one of the highest-grossing Korean films. 

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Wanted to become a police officer

In the JTBC’s variety show Knowing Brother, One of the childhood secrets of Park Shin-hye revealed. Her original dream was not an actress but to become a police officer. She went on to explain that she was very upset when a thief broke into her house and stole her parents’ money. At the time her mom had about 800,000 won in her wallet and the robber took all of that.

She says ‘I was young at that time. So when I thought about how much that was, I could have bought so many jellies and snacks with 800,00 won. With that innocent mindset, my dream from first to sixth grade of elementary school was to become a police officer.‘ As she began to be attracted to police uniforms, her future hope was confirmed as a police officer. 

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

A Secret photo of child Shin-hye

One day, she took a picture in a photo studio. The church teacher who saw her photo sent it to the singer Lee Seung-hwan’s office. She will lead a completely different life after that incident. The debut was submitted to a music video audition but was rejected. However, singer Lee Seung-hwan saw her and immediately cast her as the lead in the music video for his next album ‘Flower’. She was just 14 years old at that time.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

a Talented child actress

Lee Seung-hwan prepared her to debut as a singer. However, those around her who saw her gorgeous face suggested that she should have chosen acting. Then she was chosen to play Choi Ji-woo’s child counterpart in ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ She has been very beautiful since she was a child. Park Shin-hye played the main child role in the drama. As soon as she debuted, she won the best child actor award at the SBS Drama Awards.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

conscientious student

She’s a conscientious student. Park Shin-hye is known for being an extremely hard-working and conscientious student. Her university classmates vouch for her regular attendance and good grades. It’s truly remarkable when you keep in mind her busy filming schedules and work commitment. She believes that studies are important and often takes time off work to focus on school. Unlike other stars who simply skip classes but graduate anyway.

These are the secrets of Park Shin-hye why she took a longer time than most to complete her degree. But her action has garnered praise from Korean netizens who place emphasis on academic achievement and good acting.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

the singer Park shin-hye

She is a good singer besides being a talented actress with a kind and hard-working personality. Park Shin-hye is also pretty good at singing. She is showing off her singing skills by participating in various OSTs. She lent her vocals to soundtracks of Korean dramas including ‘You are Beautiful, Heartstrings, The Heirs, and Pinnocchio‘. She also sang for various bands and singer-songwriters She was originally prepared to be a singer. She has great dancing and singing skills.

She has a musical talent enough to compose and sometimes dances in entertainment shows and fan meetings. Another secrets of Park Shin-hye is Lee Seung-hwan asked Tablo to compose the song, and Tablo wrote a song while thinking of Park Shin-hye. Park Shin-hye released a song called  ‘My dear‘ in 2014. She had another solo titled Arm Pillow. Her song’s subtitle is ‘Flower‘ and it is the same title as her debut song of Lee Seung-hwan.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Guidance of Lee Seung-hwan

She stayed with Lee Seung-hwan’s agency until 2009. Then moved to another agency as the company’s circumstances become difficult. Lee Seung-hwan found a new agency for Park Shin-hye and terminated the contract without any conditions. She and Lee Seung-hwan are still close today.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Troublesome Migraine

She has migraines while preparing for a project speaking on whether or not she had faced slumps during her career. She replied with secrets of Park Shin-hye in an interview with entertainment weekly ‘The interesting is, I suffer from a migraine for about a month when deciding on and preparing for a project. I guess I feel stressed while preparing. I also feel tired, nervous, and anxious. But it’s interesting because the migraine goes away when I go on set.’

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Often screamed 

Park Shin-hye often screamed because of the zombie actors. While filming the Alive movie in 2020 she played a survivor who must learn to adapt in their dangerous city. As she is trapped at home without access to cellular data, wi-fi, texting, or phone calls. On a radio show when she asked about the Alive movie, she revealed other secrets of Park Shin-hye that the movie’s special makeup artist was the same artist who worked on the hit Korean zombie drama series Kingdom.

She shared a funny story regarding the zombie actors’ detailed makeup. She said that ‘When you’re filming, there’s obviously time to eat and rest. There was a time I turned around and screamed after forgetting we were all filming together. There were a lot of moments on set where I was surprised and caught off guard.‘ 

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

A cry bay

Park Shin-hye cries easily. According to the actress, she is the type to cry easily to the point where she can’t watch documentaries in the morning or else you’ll cry. She discussed her approach to crying scenes on a radio show saying ‘I try my best to cry when they’re filming my face. It’s okay the first two times. But it gets a bit exhausting after that.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

A kind heart & beautiful gestures

Park Shin-hye is a philanthropic celebrity. Her charitable efforts are pretty well known amongst her fans. She regularly takes part in various charity events. She becomes the ambassador for KFHI (Korea Food for the Hungry International) starting in 2011 and since 2012 she has continued the starlight angel project to help children in Korea and abroad with her fans. She became the 36th inductee of the Korea Food for the Hungry Internationals Philanthropy Club.

A select group of donors who have given at least 85,000 $ to the organization in 2020. She was contributing 100 million approximately 84,300 $ through the Korea disaster relief association to aid the flood victims in October. She also donated 50 million won to KFHI’s nighttime children protection program starlight school. Many charities she has done that cannot be mentioned one by one. She was awarded the philanthropic celebrity of the year 2019 in Asia philanthropy awards. Many fans don’t know about these to-be-appreciated secrets of Park Shin-hye.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Dedication towards K-drama characters

She practiced Sisyphus the Myth action movement in just about a month. Park Shi-hye had Sisyphus the Myth for her project in early 20221. She played a mysterious woman who travels back in time to save the world from imminent danger.

In February 2021 she talked about her performance during filming the JTBC’s drama she stated in an online press conference ‘I practiced with the action team about a month and a half before shooting began and tried to used to the movements. As for the scenes in the future, we went to actual abandoned streets in Myeongdong and locations similar to wastelands and I got kind of used to those surroundings.‘ She also said that she and her co-star had perfect synergy on set.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Queen of Excellent chemistry

Park Shin-hye’s drama gained the highest viewers rating always. The fundamental is behind that the chemistry between the two leads. She is famous for building chemistry with her co-stars in the industry. Many actors gained a lot of popularity after working with Park Shin-hye. Revealing the secrets of Park Shin-hye behind their excellent chemistry with many actors, she said ‘We work on our lines together a lot on set and naturally harmonize after working together.’

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Little house in the forest with overflowing joy

A little house in the forest changed her definition of happiness. She opened up about the small joys she felt while living in the forest for TVN’s show Little House in the Forest. She began by confessing that she used to believe that she had to be active doing something like going on a trip or meeting up with friends to find happiness.

Park Shin-hye looked back on her experience in living amongst nature as she said ‘I was able to feel every moment deeply and fully while I was there. I felt happy in small moments like when I picked up a lot of pinecones, when I was able to light a fire in one ago, and when the weather was nice, or when birds I’d never seen before flew over my house.‘ She revealed that the most memorable mission she was given just did one thing at once. She said that doing just one thing at once help her concentrate more and she felt like she could enjoy it more as well.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

The Twin Actress, Kang So-ra

Park Shin-hye has so much in common with actress Kang So-ra. That is said to be parallel theory. She and Kang So-ra have the same date of birth on February 18 and have the same Blood type. They also 168 cm tall. They send each other birthday presents.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Photogenic award ceremonies

Her awards are too long to list. She has won over 30 awards since her debut. She is the leading award-winning actress of her generation. She gets media attention often for her stunning dresses at the award ceremonies. She looks great in dresses at various events and pictorials. At a brand opening event in Hong Kong in 2014, her dress became a big issue. She responded modestly, saying it was because of the shadows and her hair.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Baseball fan

She is a big fan of the Kia Tigers baseball team. In 2012, she threw the first pitch in the opening baseball game. She was nicknamed Randy Shin-hye by throwing the ball with her left hand. Among Kia Tigers fans, Park Shin-hye is Korea’s top star.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye


Her hobby is sports and she is good at sports. One of the famous sectrets of Park Shin-hye that she did all the shooting without a shadow actress because she had better skills than a shadow actress (double) when shooting a bicycle commercial. In a drama, she rides a bicycle when let go of her hands. She also learned kickboxing and she is good at bowling.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Male friends

She is famous for having a lot of male friends. Her famous close male friends are Lee Jong-ki, Ok Taec-yeon and Lee Jong-suk.

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

Dating rumors

Her romance is the biggest secret among the all secrets of Park Shin-hye. She didn’t want her love life to be revealed. Park Shin-hye has been rumored to be in a relationship with her popular leading men including Lee Min-ho, Lee Jong-suk, Jang Yong-Hwa, and Jang Geun-suk. But in reality, she did not date anyone of them. In a 2017 interview, she said ‘I date in secret, I don’t think there’s really need to date publicity. I think it’s necessary to separate personal matters from professional matters.

But then in 2018, it was confirmed she is dating actor Choi Tae-joon after reports emerged. The two are both students at Chung-Ang university where Park Shin-hye majoring in drama and cinema while Chi Tae-joon majoring in theatre. During a 2020 interview where her boyfriend was mentioned. She smiled and said ‘It wasn’t our intention to go public with our relationship, but it happened and it’s been nice.’

Secrets of Park Shin-hye

CF Queen

She has filmed more than 50 commercials so far. She is an actress who has both innocent and hot looks. She suits all advertisements for exercise, cosmetics, food, etc. Park Shin-hye along with Bae Suzy and Black Pink‘s Jenie Kim are the Korea’s CF queen title holders. Besides Park Shin-hye’s acting she earn lot of money by representing commercials.

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