Legendary Kpop Group Girls Generation Disbanded in 2022

Legendary Kpop Group Girls Generation will be Disbanded in 2022

Girls Generation is the perfect mold of the Kpop girl group. All Kpop girl groups now are based on that legendary Kpop girl group. The year 2007 SM entertainment reveals the new girl group Girls Generation with the debut song ‘Into the new world‘. At the time people may not have seen how iconic a song was. To this day ‘Into the new world‘ is a song used in protests in South Korea for equal rights, women rights, gay rights, and even use as propaganda as one of the songs played across the border to North Korea.

It is probably the most iconic song they have ever released. For the next couple of years, Girls Generation released some singles here and there. But, that is until 2009 where the world saw for the first time the Kpop classic. That would be ‘Gee‘. Not only a huge hit at the time and is still a huge hit today. ‘Gee‘ stayed at the number 1 spot for nine consecutive weeks in Korea. A record held for years until Psy came with ‘Gangnam style‘.

When you go into a karaoke, if you’re a Kpop fan all you know is Kpop music Gee is one of those go-to songs that you sing. From then on hit after hit was released by Girls Generation. Songs like ‘Genie, Oh!, Run devil run, Hoot‘. These releases and albums selling hundreds of thousands leading Girls Generation to claim the title of the year is not only 2010 but also 2011.

With tremendous success in Korea, SM entertainment wanted to tackle Japan. SM entertainment company moves in Japan for Girls Generation and Girls Generation achieving double platinum with their first Japanese album. Ever classic Girls Generation is one of the first groups to trailblaze Kpop in Japan. This is where Girls Generation was the first to coin the title ‘The Nation’s Girl Group‘. A title would be continued on through generations of Kpop and Girls Generation was the first.

Of course, it was the media in Korea coming up with the name ‘The nation’s girl group, A pride of the country, A pride of the music, and A pride of culture. As the title that is still passed on to this day. Nowadays Twice is holding that title. All this steam built up from success in Korea and success in Japan caused an explosion. It’s not only to Kpop but the world. With a strategic joint effort between SM Entertainment and Interscope Records, the Girls generation promoted their new album ‘The boys’ in America for the first time. Performing on the ‘Late night show’ with David Letterman and ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ with the title track ‘The boys‘.

That was met with mixed reviews with a lot of sone saying that this is a bad choice to introduce the United States audience to Girls Generation and to Kpop. With multiple mistakes on SM entertainment part ‘The boys’ flopped in the United States only 21,000 digital downloads. But at the same time on the other side of the world, The boys sold 3 million copies in Korea. That seemed to be a big loss by reservation and a big loss by SM entertainment.

This could have been a learning experience and laid the groundwork for what happened to Girls Generation in the future. In 2013, ‘I got a boy‘ was released peeking America’s internet yet again by receiving a video of the year award held by YouTube. They beating out PSY and Justin Bieber in that year.

Legendary Kpop Group Girls Generation Disbanded in 2022

What hapened to Girls Generation?

The most shocking leave by a member in Kpop history

Jessica was the first to announce that she will no longer be a part of the Girls Generation. SM entertainment did confirm it by saying her schedule didn’t comply with other group members. Still don’t know if it was Jessica‘s wish to leave on her terms or she was forced to leave by SM entertainment. The catalyst to all of this was Jessica’s clothing line. During Girls Generation’s ‘HYDEJessica asked SM entertainment it was okay if she started her own business. SM entertainment granted it thinking not much of it.

Jessica‘s business started off as part-time aside from reservations and then become a big deal. It was big enough that Jessica was considering doing the business full time. SM Entertainment wasn’t ready for that. SM entertainment‘s contracts with their artist at that time weren’t made to handle what Jessica was doing. It was a learning experience for SM entertainment to tighten up their contract so nothing like that Jessica thing could happen again.

The reason why SM entertainment could have forced her to leave is that they weren’t ready. Maybe SM entertainment didn’t like that Jessica was making money and none of it was going to SM entertainment. Jessica was more focused on business and getting married. But that getting married part could have been an emotional pull into her getting out of the group and out of the SM entertainment company.

After that big ordeal Girls Generation continued as eight members with ‘Catch me if you can, Lionheart, Already, You think, and Holiday‘ for following next years.

Leaving of 3 members

In October 2017, SM Entertainment revealed that Tiffany, Sohyun, and Soo-young will not renew their contracts with SM entertainment. But, SM entertainment clarified that this isn’t the end of the Girls Generation. As members wanted to leave an opportunity open to release music once again as a full group. 

The disbanding

Right now Girls Generation isn’t technically disbanded nor technically on hiatus. They are up in the air right now. Maybe if their schedules line up fans could see a Girls Generation come back. But whether it complies with SM entertainment and other companies that other group members signed with since. Fans will have to wait and see.

But since then SM entertainment continues on with the remaining members of the Girls Generation that stayed. They released Oh! GG featuring Taeyeon, Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon, and Sunny. With Girls Generation technically not a group anymore that they used to be.

Legendary Kpop Group Girls Generation Disbanded in 2022

Where the Girls Generation members now?

The most notable ones is Tiffany pursuing an acting music carer in America. Tiffany doing pretty good. She is getting recognition from Apple music and a lot of American media.

Hyoyeon is known for doing a bit of DJing and releasing her own solo music.

Taeyeon, the leader of Girls Generation during her time in Girls Generation did also have a solo career. She is continuing that with the released ‘Four seasons’.

All of that work caught up till this day, no word about the Girls Generation comeback reunion. All the individuals are focusing on their own things. with songs waiting and  SM entertainment hopeful word about Girls Generation not being disbanded and that one day. In that one day, we may see the first nations girls group back together once again.

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