BTS | 70+ Sensational Sadistic facts that make you cry

70+ Sensational Sadistic Facts about BTS

Kim Namjoon (RM)

PD-nim asked RM if he wanted to go solo or stay with BTS. He chooses BTS without hesitation.

Rap Mon watched other Kpop groups rise to success but never loses hope in Bangtan.

RM always wore glasses during the ‘No more dream‘ era because he was afraid of people judging his appearance.

Rap Monster once said that the most hurting thing said to him was ‘leave bangtan’.

Rap Monster worked hard on producing songs before their debut but his mother destroyed his computer and mic to get him to focus on education.

His parents never supported him.

He received many death threats and hate comments back then. An ARMY said that Namjoon is the ugly and talentless member of BTS. They even said that he should leave the BTS group. He replied with ‘I know’. One ARMY told Namjoon that she got his photocard; He replied with ‘I’m sorry’.

Namjoon was a 1% student in Korea who had a 148 IQ level. He left it all for Bangtan.

Kim Seokjin (Jin)

Seokjin audition to be a member of BTS so that his mother could brag about him to her friends.

Although he worked extremely hard on his vocals, he was still named talentless. Even after success, Jin hinted in his solo (Awake) that he didn’t think he was good enough. In his debut, Jin cried after thinking that his performance wasn’t good enough.

An ARMY said that Jin is like the mum of the group. So he thought that was his only role in Bangtan.

Jin wears really strong prescribed glasses. But he doesn’t show them since he afraid of being insecure about his looks.

People said BTS would be better without Jin’s vocals.

Jin was a really quiet kid at school and always ate alone.

He went on a diet once and only ate chicken for the whole year.

At age of 13, Jin was cheated on by his girlfriend. But he was sent 16 roses on valentine’s day despite going to an all-boys school.

Min Yoongi (Suga)

Suga’s parents never supported his music dream. They would dispose of his lyrics and work in order for him to focus on other things.

Suga suffers from severe depression and anxiety. 

Since Suga came from a poor family, he would often starve himself with no money to eat. Sometimes he would have to choose between food or transportation.

Suga once attempted to sell his song for 10,000 won to buy food.

Suga left his family in order to pursue his dream: to make music.

Suga was hated for being, and called, scary, dark, and having a cold heart.

In his early debut days, he was known as an underrated rapper.

Suga had a fight with his brother at a young age because he continued to steal Suga’s things.

On 20th December 2016, Suga stumbled on the doorstep and fell, injured his ear. This caused a scar to form on his ear and caused him to be unable to participate in the year-end music shows.

He is afraid of his father and the sound of fireworks.

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)

Hoseok auditioned because he didn’t want to be a disappointment to his father.

Hoseok dedicated his solo MAMA to his mother because he thinks at some point he has disappointed his mother.

At first, Hoseok was a vocalist but he chooses to be a rapper since V wanted to be a vocalist.

Hoseok was judged badly because of his visuals.

Although J-Hope always seems to smile, he never felt like an accomplishment to his dad.

Hoseok was really down during his trainee times. But after adopting his persona of ‘J-Hope’ he became a brighter person.

On his first birthday after debuting, he was surprised by a video message from his manager, BTS snd family. He couldn’t hold back his tears once he saw his father on screen.

His father never supported his dreams of becoming a dancer, but his mother did fully and financially.

J-Hope struggles so much during his trainee days that he dropped out of the debut lineup. But RM convinced him to come back.

Park Jimin (Jimin)

Because people doubted his abilities, Jimin almost didn’t make it into BTS.

Jimin starved himself to lose weight because antis called him fat.

Jimin is addicted to practicing so much that once he only had 3 hours of sleep.

A guy posted a picture of Jimin and a gun and said he wanted to kill him.

Jimin calls himself a pig and thinks he is fat.

Once he practiced so much that he got a nosebleed.

Because of not following freshman rules, he was often beaten up in school.

Since a young age, Jimin has beaten very passionate about dancing and even convinced his teacher to perfect his dances.

After BTS members and ARMY shared their concerns, he decided not to go on extreme diets anymore.

Kim Taehyung (V)

V cried when he found out he was accepted into BTS because he came from a poor family and didn’t expect to become famous.

Since Taehyung was a hidden member before their debut, he watched the BTS members do a log from behind a trash can. He also practiced the log. He thought when he revealed as a BTS member, he could do it for ARMY.

One time during a BTS fan meet, Taehyung played with an ARMYs hair, but he was named an abuser for doing so.

Because V wasn’t in the final lineup for BTS, RM worked hard to convince BigHit to let him debut as a BTS member.

V revealed that he got a lot of love confessions by letter, but never once did anyone confess to him in person.

Because he was a secret member of BTS, he was really sad and felt left out.

After signing the contract, V cried for a long time. He was also the longest trainee out of the BTS members.

Taehyung stayed with his grandmother for 15 years and helped her farm.

V admitted that he changes the most when he drinks.

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook was very shy and saved his parents at a young age by auditioning for many companies before joining BTS. Because of RM’s performance, Jungkook decided to stay with BigHit’s BTS although 8 other agencies scouted him.

After dancing in the United States, he told Jimin that he wanted to give up BTS and just dance. But Jimin convinced him to stay with BTS.

Jungkook’s mother gave a fan 5,000 Won and said ‘thank you for loving Jungkook’.

He cries when seeing others struggling and having a hard time.

One time Jimin caught Jungkook crying because he missed his family. His family means him a lot.

Jungkook who has been training with BTS since he was 15 years old, thanked his other BTS group members for basically raising him and staying his side.

When Jungkook moved to Seoul, he was really lonely.


BTS almost disbanded during the N.O. era because they didn’t have enough money to continue making music.

Bangtan was so short on the budget that they needed to cast their staff/producers in their MVs.

They need to use their managers’ car because they don’t have a car provided by the company.

BTS can’t have a company dinner since they don’t have enough money in their early days.

At first, BTS just wanted a simple first win, yet they doubted themselves.

Some producers didn’t like the tune to ‘Run‘ that BTS came up with but Bangtan convinced them to keep it.

BTS is supposedly going to disband due to having to attend their military service.


‘Don’t come if you’re tired, it’s a waste. We’re nothing special’ – Hoseok.

‘I should stay quiet for our group’ – Jimin

‘I am not scared of being ugly, I’m thankful that my fans like me even though I make weird facial expressions’ – Taehyung

‘What pains me the most is my members being in pain. I don’t care about other things. I don’t want you all to be in pain. Then I won’t be in pain too’ – Jungkook

‘I’m okay with having a hard time because of our schedule, but seeing the hyungs having a mentally hard time, I can’t really do anything about it’ – Jungkook

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