3 Hidden Park Seo-Joon’s Dating Scandals

3 Hidden Park Seo-Joon’s Dating Scandals

Park Seo-joon is also known as Asia’s Ryan Gosling. He has definitely earned this right. Park Seo-joon made his debut in 2011 and his career has been non-stop ever since. As an actor Park Seo-joon has proven that he can live up to any role and will do whatever is necessary to make it more believable. During his Kdrama Fight For My Way, it is was necessary for him to bulk up and he did not fail to deliver.

With his handsome face and manly aura, Park Seo-joon is been a sure hit with the leading ladies of Korean dramas. There are some dating scandals with famous Korean actresses that Park Seo-joon has been linked to.

He was first linked to Baek Jin-hee. Baek Jin-hee is his co-star in their dram, ‘Pot of Gold’. Rumors of them dating circulated during the airing of their drama. They played a married couple in the Kdrama and their chemistry was so strong that the rumors about them were everywhere. However, both of their agencies strongly denied it. After this, Park Seo-joon moved to Baek Jin-hee’s neighborhood. Once again igniting the rumors between the two.

There even has been eyewitnesses saying that they saw the two strolling around the neighborhood wearing matching outfits and having dates in cars. Park Seo-joon’s agency firmly said “They are only close. Neither of them even has the time to meet personally as their schedules are too busy. It has also been a while since Park Seo-joon has moved to Geumho-dong. He had already moved in the summer. It’s a location where many celebrities live”.

Park Seo-joon also said that his old neighborhood has parking problems. So that is why he moved out. Also, as far as the matching outfits with Baek Jin-hee were concerned, it was not something they picked out personally, but those were sponsored clothes. However, the rumor about them dating is not true.

Because of Park Seo-joon’s realistic acting and ability to make any pairing work, he was once again rumored to dating another co-star.

Park Seo-joon worked alongside Park Min-young in the hit romantic comedy-drama ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim‘. They acted like a couple and had great chemistry. Because of the steamy and kissing scenes that they had people were inclined that they were indeed dating. At first, it just a baseless rumor, until Sports Donga published an article that they are dating for real. That article even had a comment from an insider who knew about Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young’s relationship.

The insider said that Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young want to focus on their career, so they are cautious about their relationship being revealed to the public. Moreover, the same insider also shockingly added that Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young have been dating for 3 years already, way before the Kdrama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. Both Park Seo-joon’s and Park Min-young’s fans were thrilled about this news.

Park Seo-joon’s present talent agency Awesome Entertainment issued a statement that said ‘Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young are just close colleagues. The dating reports are not true. We believed that there is much interest from others due to their chemistry in the dram’. Park Seo-joon also stated that any proof found on his Instagram is all a misunderstanding, focusing on the baseball jersey that is supposedly a link to Park Min-young’s birthday.

Park Seo-joon reveals that the numbers chosen for the jersey are in reference to a New York Mets player, Noah Syndergaard who he is a fan of.

Although he’s never confirmed dating anyone, he did describe his ideal woman in a fan meeting in Taiwan in 2017. ‘I think that being organized is important. So, that if my partner is good at organizing, it will be perfect for me. I’m also happy to be with someone who has the same interests and hobbies.’ Moreover, he also added that he would not tell the public if he was seeing someone because ‘My life is not mine alone. I do not want anyone to feel hurt or uncomfortable because of me’. he said.

Park Seo-Joon's dating scandals

3 Hidden Park Seo-Joon's Dating Scandals
3 Hidden Park Seo-joons dating scandals
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