12 Incidents when Twice in unexpected trouble and got embarrassed

popular incidents that annoyed Twice reputation

The girls from Twice committed plagiarism

‘Twice wanted to copy everything Blackpink does.

The comments on social networks didn’t stop flooding in. Internet users found a similarity with Jisoo in the Twice new video, and the girls would get the worst of it. Fans happily welcomed the ‘Melody Project’ by Dahyun and Chaeyoung from the hit Nations Kpop girl group. However, in the ‘Switch to Me’ video, a messy controversy broke out. They’d both worn various outfits while performing J.Y. Park and Rain’s song. In some shots, they wore hanboks, a traditional Korean dress that looked too similar to the outfit Jisoo from Blackpink wore in their ‘How You Like That’ song.

That caused the designer to explode in anger. Stylist Kim Balko was the one who created the hanboks for Blackpink Jisoo. Kim Balko wouldn’t stay quiet about the theft. Kim Balko spoke up;

my custom-designed outfit is in something I didn’t do.’

While the traditional hanbok is worn by everyone, designer Kim’s version was stylized and uniquely to be used in the ‘How you like that’ song visual. That helps to earn her the award of  Best stylist of the year at the Goan music awards.

‘Twice jacket isn’t the same brand. But the detail of the pleats and design of the collar is very similar to ours which generated our dissatisfaction.’ Kim Bulko showed his clear anger about the choreography in the Twice new song.

Following a wave of criticism, the Twice representative agency, JYP Entertainment deleted the shots where the clothing is shown and protested the video on the Twice channel. It had accumulated 3 million views all over the world just in the first 24 hours. JYP Entertainment addresses the issue by stating that The outfit seen in Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s melody project was a hanbok piece purchased through a hanbok distributor. Nevertheless, we were not able to properly recognize its similarity to others’ work.

‘We would like to sincerely apologize for this mistake. We will take greater care to ensure that this does not happen again.’

The Twice fanbase expressed their displeasure with the company for putting Dahyun and Chaeyeuong in an awkward position since they were the ones who received all the criticism. When JYP Entertainment company was the one to blame for the mistake but instead of that, those two Twice idols had to take the criticism. However, the situation has been cleared up now, and how the Twice idols will make sure to pay closer attention to the clothes Twice members wear to avoid being accused of copying other Kpop idols.

A stalker attcked to innocent Mina

While Twice Mina was on hiatus a so-called once acquired Mina’s family home address in Japan from asking locals in her area. He rang Twice Kpop idol’s house doorbell and even left a love letter for her in the mailbox. Eventually, he was put in police custody and taken to the airport. But the stalker was not satisfied as things work out. He showed his anger towards Mina by stating that;

So I was just leaving the hotel and the secret police stopped me. They told me that Mina’s family is very scared of me at the moment. Seriously Do I look like a murderer or something. Was this really necessary Minari? You could have just said ‘No’ and I would have left. I’m not detained. You’re scared of me. Am I a monster to you?

If I was a really bad person, I would leak your home address. But, I won’t because I’m a better person than you will ever be. I am so tired of this gay world. I don’t know I am going to get a hooker in Osaka. Since I’m a monster after all. I committed the crime of loving someone.

Nayeon suffer because of a obsessed stalker

Twice center girl, Nayeon lives in fear because her stalker has reappeared. In a recent alarming post, the young German left signs of a new attack on the Twice star idol. Authorities are ready to track him down if necessary and everything seems to point to the fact that the obsessed fan doesn’t plan to give up until he can get close to the Kpop star again.

Twice fans are urging JYP entertainment to take action in light of new and repetitive threats of young foreign (German) stalkers. Everyone is alarmed with his latest death threat to Twice member Nayeon yawn about dating. from screenshots and proofs the young stalker named Josh summarizing its message, he indirectly said that if Nayeon dated other guys secretly he will kill her by himself. This issue is very clear and serious with his previous wrongdoings to name them Twice himself. Here are the things that Twice a young stalker did.

Josh found about twice schedules and Nayeon doesn’t aware of anything until the same flight with Twice Kpop girls to flight back Japan to Korea toom a, sed his crime in to confess his crime on a Twitter post. The post set an alarm for the Twice team. They filed criminal charges against him. However, the restraining order was revoked after Josh returned to Germany. However, his new statement gives reasons to believe that the worst is yet to happen. Authorities contact JYP entertainment and warn them about the stalker.

‘Hi, I could you tell Nayeon something important I am not a stalker I just adore Nayeon and I want to talk about my thoughts and emotions towards her.’

Josh was desperately asking about another chance. He claimed that he was misleading. However, the most considerable part of his latest statement is said at the end.

‘Tell Nayeon that I will return to Korea’ 

He was convinced that Nayeon is his soulmate. He doesn’t consider himself a criminal but a passionate and romantic man. He not really caring about how she feels about all this. Even though he was forced to leave South Korea by court order doesn’t seem to stop him. The immigration authorities have been alerted and won’t let him set foot into the country since population safety comes first. No one has the right to intimidate others, no matter how famous they are.

Just not troubles in this world, but paranormal issues too

This story gives goosebumps. During a  V live, Twice Sana shared a paranormal event that she went through in her trainee days with her partner, Momo.  At that time Japanese girl Sana didn’t speak Korean well. She tells about a paranormal activity that she and Momo experienced on one occasion while practicing. They practiced till late at night in the ballroom. Suddenly she felt a woman come in to exercise. She was surprised because of the time and how quiet she was. However, she assumed she had just had a bad day and didn’t want to talk. Sana continued her practice.

But upon returning gaze her heart stopped when she realized, that she was alone in the place. There was no one else at that moment. She thought she had hallucinations. But Sana was frightened when she heard a scream from Momo from the singing room. Sana ran over right away to see what was happened to Momo. When she arrives she found her friend in shock. Momo had seen half of a body sitting in one of the chairs. Both young trainees were paralyzed with fear. The worst happened days later when they stayed home alone. Sana decided to watch a horror movie.

Suddenly they got hungry and went down to the kitchen for a sandwich, everything was normal. They talked while waiting for the bread to toast. But then they heard a strange noise coming from the same place that they previously hallucinated a strange woman. They were alone because other girls had gone shopping. When they looked at the bag of bread they saw it was closing little by little as if someone was doing it to scare them. Momo and Sana remained silent. Upon seeing what was happening and they ran to their rooms to hide. Sana remembers these events as something that she never wants to go through again.

Fans disturbed Tzuyu’s vacation in Cambodia

Twice maknae Tzuyu went for a vacation and charity works with her family to Cambodia. The hotel that she stayed leaked her schedules to the public and it leads to destroying her privacy. On top of that, an obsessive fan booked the nearest room of Tzuyu with the help of hotel servants. He starts to follow her and makes it uncomfortable for the K-pop star. When Tzuyu left to go to the airport to fly back to Korea she was followed by fans all the way there. Even, into the airport as well. When Twice fans were going against him, he stated;

‘I respect all Twice members and I have a lot of proof that I didn’t come here by myself. the manager of this hotel invites me. One more thing, I’m not a stalker-like stupid fan. I just have a chance to take a photo with her and talk with her.’

The face of the Twice became a victim of a crime

Poor Tzuyu was the victim of a heinous crime and she won’t rest until she sees the culprit pay. The Twice Kpop idol was in a state of shock after her mother noticed that things were missing from her house. They quickly informed the police about the incident, Investigators found that Tzuyu’s personal items such as photos and autographed albums had mysteriously disappeared. However, authorities managed to catch the culprit. The culprit was a servant who came from their home country Taiwan under the recommendation of Tzuyu’s relatives.

The culprit managed to sell Tzuyu’s personal items over the internet. Police have arrested the culprit and later send her to Taiwan.  Neither Tzuyu nor her representative agency, JYP entertainment have issued an official statement on what happened. But probably Tzuyu experienced a shocking incident in her own home. Sometimes, idols are victims of horrible scams many people take advantage of their fame and vulnerability to take financial advantage of them. Fortunately, Tzuyu’s family found out about what was going on in time and they did everything they could to protect her.

Worst fans who makes Twice uncomfortable

Fan yelling gang slogan at Twice concert  

At a Twice concert, (Twiceland) fantasy park in Singapore, a fan chanted gang slogan because he didn’t know the fan chant for ‘What is love.‘ In Singapore, insulting is an offense punishable by law. This guy quite literally committed a crime at a Twice concert.

A Once’s faking cancer on Twitter

A Twice fan on Twitter faked having cancer and dying for attention. After the news came out about her supposed death. She was exposed for faking the whole thing for attention. This is because the photos that she used were taken from actual cancer patents on Instagram.

Fans Swarming at airport 

When Twice arrived in Vietnam to film carefree travelers. Hundreds of fans showed up at the airport to see them. Unfortunately, they had no security. Twice members were under-protected from fans that choose boundaries. Some of these fans chose to reach out and touch them while others would follow them to their bus.

Korean Once’s date with Nayeon 

A Korean once (Twice fandom) uploaded a document that he is dating Nayeon. Pictures showed he’s seen doing tasks with a cardboard cutout of Nayeon. He swore that he wasn’t an assassin and he’s just a regular fan. But it’s still creepy nonetheless.

Nasty Twitter

A fan by the name of ZtotheK is well known for posting scans Twice messages and he has thousands of followers. He was recently exposed for his troubling tweets from 2013. His tweets include shaming, objectifying, and sexualizing numerous girl group members including ones that were underage.

Jeongyeon suffer by stress

Twice Jeongyeon took a break from activities for health reasons. On October 17th, 2020, JYP Entertainment released a statement regarding its future activities. That statement was explained Jeongyeon suffered from an anxiety disorder. After discussing with Jeongyeon and other Twice members, JYP entertainment decided to take steps that gave her a break from future activities. That helped Jeongyeon to take help from medical professionals in order to rest and recovered. As a result, Jeongyeong did not participate in professional activities and promotions of Twice’s comeback ‘Eyes wide open.’

The full statement was posted as followed;

“Hello! This is JYP entertainment. We would like to inform you about Twice member Jeongyeon’s current health situation and her further participation in Twice activities. Currently, Jeongyeon is experiencing psychological anxiousness in forward with Twice schedules. After a deep discussion with Jeongyeon herself and other Twice members, we decided that it is needed that Jeongyeon to had sufficient rest and absolute stability accompany by professional medical measures. Because we value our artist’s mental and physical more than anything.

We inform you she will be unable to participate in Twice future activities regarding the second full album time being. We will keep updating you regarding future any changes in the situation in the future. We asked you for love and keep supporting Jeongyeon’s full recovery. Thank you.”

Jeongyeon is now attending the training with Twice members and hopes to come back with their new project Japanese song ‘Perfect world.’ Previously, another Twice girl Mina also suffered from anxiety disorder as she feels insecure on-stage performance. However, Twice girls show the strength of their unity and always take care of each other.

Dubu is also in the trouble

Twice rapper Dahyun is in the middle of a controversy about what happened in the airport when she was going through the baggage control. The person responsible for verifying her identity deliberately showed her passport making it visible to the reporters and the fans present at the place. Dahyun tries to cover her documents while giving an aggressive look to the employee.

But none of this could prevent her information from ending up online. Hours after the altercation, reporters’ recordings were uploaded to the internet which made fan opinions flip against the Kpop star. Some internet users described baby eagle’s attitude as mean and rude. They also said she was unfriendly towards the flight attendant.

‘She snatched her passport before the staff got the chance to return it. Honestly, the employee did nothing wrong. Dahyun’s facial expression was also criticized since she was pouting at the staff faced with this situation.’

JYP Entertainment issued a statement supporting the Twice member. Since the employee unnecessarily exhibited her personal data to the public. At the airport, Dahyun’s personal information was filmed and spread. Including her unique identification and registration number leaking and spreading personal information is against the law. JYP entertainment asked the public to stop immediately spreading such information. They warned peopled to take legal measurements regarding the current situation for the security of their artist.

Many of Dahyun’s fans also asked for immediate dismissal of the airport employee since they consider that employee committed irresponsibility. That could have grave consequences for the idol who has rights like any other person such as like personal privacy. That’s why those who know her, defend the Twice K-pop idol and saying that she is in her right to demand respect and for the law to be enforced. Because nobody has the right to expose individuals’ personal information to the entire world.

Chaeyoung’s own problems

‘I have that sweet image because I had no other option. I debuted so young with maknae twice but now I want freedom.’

Twice rapper Chaeyoung got tired of following stereotypes. She is determined to change her image forever. She no longer wants to be the good girl from before. She is determined to chart a new path.

When people think of idols they imagine them cute and with a lot of aegyo, but I didn’t want that anymore. I want to expand expectations because I am determined to tale a new facet in my life.‘

The Twice singer now more than ever will be herself. Something she will only achieve by personifying herself. As someone much more ‘rough’.

‘I want to become someone who breaks the rules. Other types of my images can also be for idols and we can express ourselves differently from the norm.’

But this is not the first time that Chaeyoung will leave her comfort zone. For this, she is sure she can do it successfully like when she proposed to be a rapper in Twice girl group. She was far from talking about that role but in a test with the girls while they were trainees she realized that she had more talent than she thought. That may be, if she studied enough she could become one of the best. She now shines in Twice and as with her singing, she knows that her new image will captivate all of her once. Because it’s a career that you’re always in public view.

‘Somedays I feel bloated and I don’t like certain things. I think I should lose weight when I look in the mirror. But in the end, that’s who I am. It makes no sense to hide it. That is the type of lyrics I write. I ask people to finally see me as I am.’

Most Difficult choreography

Twice upcoming Japanese song ‘Perfect world’ has the most difficult choreography in Twice history. As we all know all Twice songs and stages have one of the most difficult and hardest choreographies. With each stage and come back, they bring out something new to the table. Even the dance moves that may seem simple involves immense efforts for perfection.  But there arises a common question. Which is the hardest choreography out of all?

The reply might change with each era. Now, Jeongyeon has commented about the most difficult choreography ever in Twice history. The upcoming Japanese track ‘Perfect World’ has the most difficult choreography in Twice history.

Jeongyeon: ‘This has never happened before, but I couldn’t keep up with group dance practice that I stayed behind to practice by myself. I think it was a very good choice. If Alcohol-free choreography was a 10, then Perfect World is about 30.’

Twice Jeongyeon stayed behind to practice herself even though she has just recovered from a major injury. So we could expect a huge blast from our girls with the upcoming Twice Japanese track ‘Perfect world.’ Our Twice queens are working hard day and night without rest just to make Once happy. Even they are exhausted and out of energy, they always rise up just to entrain us all. So, let’s at least lend our support and gratitude for the hard work of Twice members. 

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