12 Reasons to watch Itaewon class

Why you should watch Itaewon class?

Here are 12 reasons to make you watch Itaewon class

Watch Itaewon Class

Watch itaewon class

1. Park Seo-joon

Watch Itaewon Class; Park Seo-joon is currently the top rising star among Korean actors. It confirmed by his recent appearances like ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Fight for my way, Hwarang, She was pretty’ gaining so much popularity.

Park Seo-joon is known for his funny romantic characters as Known as the King of Rom-Com. But here he plays a slightly more complex character outside of his usual style. It gives the audience a new experience and makes them more curious to watch Itaewon Class.

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Watch itaewon class

2. Based on a webtoon

Recently released dramas based on webtoon have garnered high audience response. The audience has a special fondness for them. Then the story of the drama must have been familiar to them. The best examples of this are My ID Is Gangnam Beauty and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Itaewon class is a drama based on such a webtoon.

Watch itaewon class

3. Excellent screenplay

Among the webtoon based dramas, the Itaewon class is unique in that the webtoon writer himself is the screenwriter of the drama. That’s Jo Gwang-jin. It brought the Itaewon class closer to the fans without changing the essence of the story. In an interview, Gwang-jin stated, “Although there are no flaws in the original, I was able to bring it closer to the audience here.” The story of the Itaewon class talks about a topic that is not talked about often in Kdramas.

Watch itaewon class

4. Not typical female leads as you expect

There are two main female characters in the Itaewon class: Jo Yi-seo and Oh Soo-ah. The characters are played by Kim Da-mi and Kwon Nara. Usually, the main female leads in Kdramas are the nice and lovely characters. But here female lead actresses in the Itaewon class both Jo Yi-soo and Oh Soo-ah are not your typical female leaders. On the first impression, they both do not have a favorite personality and sometimes annoying.

Watch itaewon class

5. Love story

Itaewon class takes the lead in Seo-ye-ri’s revenge story. But in the meanwhile, the love story running in the background adds a very nice elegance. Seo-ye-ri and Soo-ah’s childhood love story is not a success. But the ensuing three-way love story between Seo-ye-ri, Geun-soo, and Jo Yi-seo is very interesting. You can watch the difference between a love story between a trusted employee and the boss and a love story between two childhood friends in the Itaewon class drama at the same time.

Watch itaewon class

6. Watch Itaewon Class is not just like watching a love story.

Just saying kdrama reminds us of a love story. Kdrama is so famous for its love stories. The Itaewon class has a love story, but it’s not the main story. The story in the Itaewon class is about Seo-ye-ri’s revenge. And how he and his friends overcome social obstacles and achieve their goals.

Watch itaewon class

watch Itaewon class 2020

Watch itaewon class

7. Second chance in life and relentless efforts

Seo-ro-yi has to suspend school. Have to go to jail. Love story fails. And his business is failing. But he never backs down, never gives up. He somehow manages to reach his goal. There, too, he encounters various obstacles. He does not ruin his life, especially after imprisonment. He understands his own shortcomings. Makes plans to build a life. Even if his enemy Dae-hee is brought in, he learns what to learn. The most important thing is that he finally achieves his goal. It is a life lesson taught to the viewer through Itaewon class.

Watch itaewon class

8. Excellent soundtrack

Whether it’s a drama or a movie, the soundtrack can do a lot for it. Different realities arise in the Itaewon class play. Therefore, subtle soundtracks are needed to make the audience feel good about those moments. The music director of the Itaewon class has successfully overcome that challenge. ‘Start over‘, ‘Stone block’ and ‘Say’ are popular songs in Itaewon class.

Watch itaewon class

9. Interesting characters

Itaewon Class a drama talks about characters from different status of the society.

Park Seo-ro-yi (Park Seo-joon) is an arbitrary character. Has been subjected to many social injustices. But he makes many sacrifices, making every effort to reach his goal. He does what he thinks is right without hesitation.

Jo Yi-seo (Kim Da-mi) is famous in the society. But she is cunning. However, he is loyal to his boss and very brave.

 Oh Soo-ah (Kwon Nara) is completely different from Yi-seo. As an independent woman, she wants to build a position of her own.

Although Geun-soo is a good man, the events that surround him limit his freedom.

Jung Geun-won is the evil character in the story as we can clearly see.

Dae-hee is proud of his wealth and power. He thinks he can control everything and acts.

Ma Hyeon-yi is a transgender woman. We rarely find such characters in drama.

Kim Tony is the child of a Korean father and an African mother. He comes to Korea to find his father. But he eventually becomes helpless without an identity.

Watch itaewon class

watch Itaewon class 2020

Watch itaewon class

10. Social Imbalance and how overcome it

The Itaewon Class drama flows entirely on issues caused by social imbalances. The story begins by showing how the weak are oppressed by money and people. Mr. Park’s death is not justified because the law is subject to money.

Ma Hyeon-yi is helpless because of sexism. She can’t even stand up for herself.

Kim Toni sacrifices without being able to find their own identity because of racism.

Choi Seng-kwon and sae-ro-yi were once imprisoned and branded as bad men.

Geun-soo, a bastard, is not loved by anyone.

However, they overcome all those obstacles. They prove to be false and simply social misconceptions.

The Itaewon class sheds light on a number of issues, such as power inequality and social class inequality. Real-life problems are solved in a wonderful way by making weaknesses and shortcomings into their strength. a

Members of many marginalized groups in society are on the Danbam bar staff. Throughout the series, the play goes through their social struggle and the social changes they face. The play offers an in-depth look at Itaewon and Korean culture. The Itaewon Class tells us that through effort and commitment, socially negative attitudes can be squeezed out.

Watch itaewon class

11. Friendship and leadership

The Danmam group is like an outcast. But they stop short of bringing the whole of Korea behind them. They do so in their unity. They simultaneously represent their team members. Becomes even stronger in the face of challenges. They do this because they trust their friends.

Sae-ro-yi is a truly great leader. He gains the trust of his subordinates. Keeps the value of his word. Gives strength to team members when they are weak. Whatever the obstacles, it faces like a huge tree. He takes responsibility as a true leader on the shoulders.

Watch itaewon class

12. Fascinating inspiration

Sae-ro-yi appears to be risking his life for his decision. He travels to his goal like an unstoppable river in the face of obstacles. He sets aside rest or happiness for that.

Yi-seo always believes in her ability and overcomes challenges.

In this way, the story really inspires us. That is, teaches us how to get our goals and ambitions.

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